Flashlight Tweezers


Apparently the classic design of the tweezer, a simple device that serves its function as a plucker rather adequately, was not enough. No, someone decided it should be improved upon. And what did they give us? A tweezer with a built in LED light. Yep. Because what I really need in my life is a tweezer with its own torch. Evidently I’m still living in a cave and as such probably don’t have enough illumination by which to pluck errant hairs. Or perhaps its been designed for those frequent times one gets stuck in the broom closet? It could prove handy during a total eclipse, or next time I go camping, which according to my historical average will be in 7.2 years.

No, this is not a very bright idea. It is however a good way of upping the cost of a pair of tweezers.


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