Original stinker: DNA fragrance

For the small price of giving up your DNA to someone (plus approx US$159.98) you can now have an original perfume designed exclusively around your biological marker. Hmm …

How exactly does one create a bespoke fragrance based on information in my genetic information? Does DNA smell? Does it provide clues to how I smell? Or what smells I like? According to the company producing it each individual’s DNA is the key to the formulation process’.

The company has not elaborated of the precise magic they use to accomplish this.

I understand the science around DNA skin care. The blurb goes something like this: individual beauty products are developed with key ingredients based on a persons skin sensitivity as revealed by variations in five genes. But I’m not buying it. And I’m buying this even less.

What about privacy? You hand over your DNA information to the company via a cheek swab. What happens to this information, if the company goes bankrupt, or sells to someone else? Do you really want a private company holding such personal information?

I can smell something alright …


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